Why is CrossFit Popular and Why You Should Have One for Your Gym

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CrossFit is a constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a high intensity. First started in 2000, CrossFit tales all aspects of fitness and sports by choosing the most effective workouts and combining them together. CrossFit brings together knowledge from various backgrounds to form a workout that benefits both mind and body.

So Why is CrossFit so Popular?

CrossFit workouts cover a variety of fitness domains, such as cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. A CrossFit class typically is broken into 4 different components that are: warm-up, strength or skill, workout of the day and cool down session. A warm-up session is done to prepare the joints for the movements ahead, the strength or skill session is designed to make you stronger, a workout of the day session (WOD) improves the ability to do a specific exercise like a handstand walking and a cool down session helps in post-workout recovery.

CrossFit workouts enable its members to be in top shape (burning 12 calories/minute). It helps to build muscle, promotes better recovery and in the last two decades has gained immense popularity around the globe.

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How CrossFit Benefits its Members?

CrossFit teaches to be tough and push yourself, to know that we are capable of more than we think! It has a positive mental and emotional effect. Functional movements in CrossFit workout, helps the athletes to train their muscles, joints, and ligaments. This type of training helps in achieving fitness results in lesser time while also keeping you entertained. High-intensity CrossFit training exercises can actually burn more fats and in less time.

A study published on the effects of a CrossFit based high-intensity power training program by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning in 2013 stated that there were significant improvements in the body composition of the participants. There were improvements in aerobic capacity and a decrease in body fat percentage.

What’s more, CrossFit workout participants spent less time exercising per week and achieve the same benefits as aerobic and resistance training.

Why Have a CrossFit Box for Your Gym?

In normal gyms, you usually work on cardio using a treadmill and or weight training with machines. But in a CrossFit box, you work your muscles using complex movement which works multiple muscles at a time with no or little dependence on machines. A CrossFit box focuses on functional or natural movements and the only machines you would use would be a rowing machine, an exercise bike, and a pull-up bar and equipment like bars, kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates, skipping ropes, and weights. CrossFit workouts are known to produce better results than a regular gym. Besides working in a community contributes to a big factor in CrossFit methodology as participants push each other to reach their limits.


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Installing a CrossFit in your gym can be incredibly simple. You can choose key equipment, you can keep it bare minimum, or may even go all out. All you will need is simple, humble pieces of equipment that require real, raw efforts to use. If you don’t want to purchase everything at once, you can start with a few basics and slowly build your CrossFit gym to be fully operational till it becomes an enviable powerhouse!