The Importance Of Workplace Gyms For Employers & Employees

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We live in a world where most people spend hours at work without moving from their desks. It’s important that offices provide them with an avenue to work out for a few moments every day. This is because research over the years has proven that even 20 minutes of exercise each day can reduce the risk of serious ailments such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Do you have a gym at work?  If your answer is no, it’s time you set up one. You will need to set aside one or two spacious rooms for the gym facility. This article will explain why a gym is a must for your organization. First let’s look at the advantages a gym provides for employers:

  1. It attracts new talent that stays for years!

The fact that an office has a gym is a boon for potential employees. It gives them a solid reason to join your organization. And if the gym offers world-class facilities, the employees will be encouraged to stay for many years!

  1. It improves employee morale

An employer that gives importance to the wellness of employees will be valued by them. What’s more, workouts will boost the endorphins of employees, making them feel better at work. This helps you boost productivity in the organization.

  1. It reduces sick days

Exercises make employees feel better, ensuring they don’t get sick often. This will ensure lesser workforce gaps and productivity.

Let’s now look at the advantages a gym provides for employees:

  1. It ensures decreased stress levels

An effective workout will reduce stress and improve overall mood, helping employees feel relaxed at work. This ensures they will be more mentally prepared to take on complex tasks and meet stressful deadlines.

  1. It enhances team building

An organization doesn’t have to worry about carrying out team building exercises because a gym will help to unify employees. Whether it’s yoga sessions, cardio workouts or dance classes, a gym can bring together employees from across departments.

  1. It is a handsome perk for employees

An employee will have to spend a significant amount as membership at a world-class gym. Most offices allow their employees to access the gym at discounted rates or for free. So, this ensures that employees can stay on top of their health goals without any dent to their savings.

If you are setting up a gym at work, it’s important to provide employees with locker rooms. Also, provide an area for them to shower and change. At Fitness World, we have been setting up gyms at offices for 25 years. We provide world-class and imported fitness equipment at the lowest prices in the industry. We also specialize in gym layouts and designs along with implementing best business practices to ensure your office has the best gym in town. Finally, we will support you with all your maintenance requirements so that each equipment lasts for years.

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