Why You Aren’t Losing Weight: Little Habits That Sabotage Progress

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The concept of weight loss seems fairly simple – “eat less and move more”. You want to drop the extra kilos and are diligently following a diet and an exercise plan. Yet, you see poor results even after weeks of following a routine.

The problem with weight loss is that it can be tricky. There are many things that you do – some not even directly related to weight loss – that can hamper your results. So, if you don’t see results, you may ponder over why you’re not losing weight and if there’s something you’re doing wrong.

To help you identify them, here’s a list of habits that might be sabotaging your weight loss plan:

1. You Don’t Consume Dairy

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may be cutting dairy out of your diet. But, did you know that your body needs calcium for many reasons including digestion? Some reports also suggest that calcium-rich diet boost fat loss. Dairy products like milk and curd are rich sources of calcium. Just make sure that you pick the low-fat variants.

2. You Skip Lunch

While skipping lunch may seem to aid weight loss, it is rather counterproductive. When you don’t eat food for long periods, i.e. between breakfast and dinner, your body goes into energy-saving mode, lowering your metabolism. So, make sure that you eat something for lunch even if it’s some fruit or nuts.

3. You Tell Everyone That You Hate your Diet

You might have found a diet that claims to help you lose 3 kilos per week and you might be super excited. But, a diet like that will involve cutting down hard on your calorie intake.

If you find yourself complaining about your diet to anyone who will lend you their ears, chances are that you won’t be sticking to it for too long. Instead, pick a diet that you’ll follow over a long time.

4. You Took That “Just One Bite”

There are some foods we all get weak in the knees for. That occasional french fry, your favourite candy, or a piece of cake at birthdays may seem harmless. But over time, they can be detrimental.

You can satisfy your taste buds and keep the double serving of guilt at bay by introducing a couple of cheat meals in your plan. Just make sure that you watch your portions and avoid going all out.

5. You Don’t Check Your Weight

Many studies show that those who don’t weigh themselves on a regular basis tend to gain more weight than those who do. If you avoid the weekly ritual, it becomes hard to tell if you’re gaining or losing weight unless the changes are significant. But, when you weigh yourself, you are aware of the minor fluctuations. This way, you instinctively act to stay on the right path.

6. Coffee is Your First Beverage of the Day

When you’re sleeping for 7-8 hours a night, your body gets dehydrated by morning. Coffee and tea can make this worse as they further dehydrate you. As a result, you may feel hungrier than you really are.

And with more hunger, you will end up eating more. So, instead of starting your day with tea or coffee, drink 2-3 glasses of water first.

7. You Get Dressed in the Dark

According to some studies, exposure to sunlight in the morning reduces the risk of weight gain. This is because the sunlight triggers the release of certain hormones that affect your metabolism. As a result, your body burns fat more efficiently. So, open the windows every morning and let the light shine upon you.

If you have any of the above habits, get rid of them now to stop them from disrupting your weight loss journey. And remember, fluctuation in weight is completely normal. If you gain a little, don’t be disheartened and continue working towards your goal.