7 Bad Gym Habits That Can Cause Damage To Your Skin!

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Going to the gym is a good habit to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, did you ever know that certain bad gym habits can impact your skin health?  Mentioned below are 7 bad habits that can cause damage to your skin:

  1. Wearing makeup to the gym

Make sure to remove all traces of makeup before heading to the gym. Makeup and sweat can cause clogging of the skin pores that lead to breakouts.

  1. Touching your face

Avoid touching your face often while performing workouts. There is a greater chance of bacterial build-up in the machines as they are used by numerous people. Make sure to wear sweatbands or use a towel for tackling your sweat.

  1. Keeping your hair down

Never keep your hair down while working out. Pull back your hair and wear a headband or hair band. It will not only protect your face from the sweat, but also from the harsh chemicals present in hair gels or hair sprays.

  1. Staying dehydrated

Every gym visitor should stay hydrated while working out. This is because your body tends to lose a lot of water through sweat and it should be compensated. A dehydrated skin can cause dryness and premature aging.

  1. Not cleansing your face before and after a workout

Make sure to wash your face with a mild cleanser before and after a workout. It will help in eliminating the bacteria, dirt, and sweat accumulated on the skin.

  1. Taking a hot shower

Soon after a workout, you may feel like taking a shower in hot water for soothing your muscles. However, this deed will remove all essential oils from the skin, making it look dry. Opt for a lukewarm or cold shower instead.

  1. Not moisturising the skin

Replenish the moisture your skin loses while exercising.  Set apart some time every day after a shower for moisturizing your skin with a lightweight moisturiser and body lotion.

We hope you  will try to avoid these bad gym habits and follow a  skin care routine before and after a workout.