6 Tips To Help You Lose Weight For Your Wedding

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Weddings are busy affairs with preparations going on for months. A bride has a lot of things to worry about – from the wedding dress and jewellery to sending out invites! In the midst of all this, stress takes a toll on personal health. Women are likely to gain more weight closer to the wedding – it’s time to take steps that ensure you are fit and in best shape to take your wedding vows!

1. Don’t skip breakfast!

A lot of women skip breakfast to lose weight. This is a HUGE mistake. Skipping breakfast will send signals within the body to retain fat for future and emergency use. You won’t lose any weight eventually.

Starting your day with a heavy breakfast will keep you energized through the day. It will also help you avoid cravings for chocolate and other food that pile on weight.

2. Eat sensibly

We won’t ask you to go on a diet but we do recommend you follow a proper routine to ensure your body gets the right nutrients. Here are some simple reminders:

Drink water at regular intervals
Eat smaller portions through the day. This helps to avoid hunger pangs while fighting the urge to binge on food
Avoid junk food till the wedding is over

3. Start walking or jogging

A simple walk or jog for half an hour each day can do wonders for your body. It helps to shed important kilos while boosting your confidence for the big day. Ask a friend to help you exercise – you will definitely need a bit of motivation to stick to your schedule.

4. Hit the gym

If you are looking for a toned body, then a visit to a gym is a must. Make queries about how much kilos you can lose in time for your wedding. And join a fitness program appropriate for your body type. You may have to do a combination of strength and cardio exercises to see best results.

5. Reduce salt/sodium intake

Salt is essential for our body to work at optimum levels. But you should be careful about the amount of salt you take in. Excess salt will promote water retention, preventing you from losing weight.

Avoid or reduce taking foods that have high salt content. For example, soups and bottled juices.

6. And finally, sleep well!

You will have a lot going on in your mind for the wedding. Ensure you don’t lose any sleep worrying about it. You should have a minimum of 7 to 8 hours sleep to ensure your body gets enough rest. Proper sleep will ensure your body’s metabolic levels are working fine, setting your body on the path to gradual weight loss.

Hope you found these tips useful to lose weight. We wish you the very best in the pursuit of your fitness goals. Follow the simple and meaningful tips mentioned here to look at your best for the wedding!