6 Legit Excuses to Skip A Workout

Exercising is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. However, it’s natural for most of you to sometimes not jump into the physical activity. But how do you know whether it’s okay to do that or you’re just being too lazy? Never feel guilty to skip a workout when you have these legit reasons mentioned below:

1. When you are injured

If you have an injury, putting more strain on your body is not advisable. Take a break from your workout routine so you can get back to the gym with a bang. It is better to miss a work out rather than not able to do it.

2. When you are sick

There is a general saying that if your illness is above the neck like a runny or stuffy nose, it is okay to work out. But if you are experiencing symptoms below the neck such as stomach upset, fever, or body aches, a work out is not recommended. Resume your fitness routine once your body is back on track after fighting the illness.

3. When you didn’t get enough sleep last night

If you couldn’t manage to sleep for at least 6 hours the previous night, it’s better to skip the workout and get some rest. By doing so, you will become more focused and energised for the next workout.

4. When you have severe sore muscles

It is okay to work out when you have minor aches in muscles. However, if the soreness is too severe, it is better to skip the workout and rest.

5. When you recently underwent a surgery

Exercising is not recommended soon after undergoing a surgery, whether it is major or minor.

6. When you have severe menstrual cramps

Mild exercising like working out an elliptical or treadmill can reduce the severity of cramps during periods. However, don’t exercise when your cramps are really bad as it can lead to amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

Always make sure to listen to your body and its cues before every workout.  It is quite natural that your body needs some rest for recovery. However, when you are all fine, just get back to your routine as if nothing has happened.