5 Health Benefits of Whole-body Vibration Machines in Your Home Gym

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A workout usually necessitates the active use of one’s muscles through one’s own motions.

The effort results in muscular hypertrophy—gains are proportional to the stress invested in the muscles.

However, as the regular process of evolution demands, an emerging modality known as whole-body vibration (WBV) is gaining popularity in sports settings. Athletes use them to “warm up” for traditional exercises and games, using high vibration frequencies for sufficiently long durations to help muscles contract and relax quickly.

Recent research has also suggested that when used in conjunction with traditional training regimens, whole-body vibration can improve muscle strength, power, and electromyography (EMG) muscle activity.

This “passive exercise” modality is made possible by a power vibration machine, which is useful not only for athletes, but also for beginners who have only recently begun to look for alternative modalities. Everyone needs to switch up their routine every few months to keep their minds sharp for the grind.

Here are 5 advantages of using a fitness vibration machine:

1) Improves Skeletal Muscular Strength

The vibrations of the vibration exercise machine are measured in hertz (Hz) and refer to the number of vibrations per second. That is, at 35 Hz, the targeted muscles receive 35 vibration cycles per second, which is the number of times the muscles contract and relax in one second. The majority of research studies have used a recommended range of vibration frequencies ranging from 25 to 40 Hz.

Working muscles experience increased muscle activity as a result of these contractions. Greater vibration frequencies (>35 Hz) have been shown to stimulate muscle activity more than lower frequencies, resulting in increased muscle mass and skeletal muscle strength.While most vibrator machines produce 15-20 Hz frequency, Fitness World’s power vibration machine produces 30-45 Hz!

2) Enables Weight Loss

A commercial vibration exercise machine, according to research, provides the same health benefits as activities such as walking or running when used regularly and at a high intensity. It aids in the burning of fats in the body, resulting in weight loss.

Extra calorie burning has a variety of health benefits, including improved sleep, hormonal balance, and blood sugar levels. A peer-reviewed study published in the journal ‘Endocrinology’ discovered that spending 20 minutes a day on the vibrating platform for three months reduced abdominal and liver fat while also strengthening bones.

3) Benefits the Elderly

Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT) is suitable for certain populations, such as the elderly, who are unable to perform traditional resistance or aerobic exercise training. WBV exercise may be an alternative exercise modality for older adults looking to improve bone density, muscle strength, and balance.

4) Increased Blood Flow Reduces Pain

The vibrator machine’s vibration increases blood flow, facilitates nutrient exchange, and improves oxygen delivery to the affected area, resulting in increased flexibility, improved neuromuscular functioning, and pain relief.

5) Improved Recovery

Whole-body vibration has been shown to increase blood flow to working muscles and their surrounding tissues, promoting recovery and healing after training or injury. By increasing blood flow to these areas, the body flushes out waste and provides nutrients and oxygen to promote repair.

Examine the product’s market prices to get a good idea of its features and benefits. You can contact and consult with a fitness equipment supplier, such as Fitness World, to purchase one within your budget. Also, we will give you architectural recommendations to set up your machine in a safe environment—with resilient flooring, soundproof doors and windows, etc.