4 Power-Packed Kettlebell Workouts You Should Do!

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The popularity of kettlebells continues to rise in the fitness circle. You’ll find them everywhere from commercial fitness facilities to boot camps, small hotel gyms and even in some home gyms. These exercise tools offer dynamic workout possibilities and provide all advantages of strength and cardio training – they work on major muscles, build power, burn body fat, spike metabolism, make you lean and challenge your grip.

The ballistic movements and swinging motions of kettlebells offer tremendous benefits to the body and mind. However, make sure to use a kettlebell weight that’s suitable for your strength level.

Here are 4 kettlebell workouts (step-by-step) you must do to achieve the above benefits:

1. The Russian-style Kettlebell swing

Russian-style Kettlebell swing

When executed with proper form, there’s no other exercise so effective as the Russian-style kettlebell swing! It is the foundation for many other kettlebell exercises and helps tone your legs and abs.

  • Hold the bell with both hands and lower into a half squat, keeping arms straight and shoulders pulled back
  • Swing the kettlebell slightly between and behind the legs
  • Extend the hips and knees to move the bell upward
  • Make sure to keep the arms straight while projecting the kettlebell up
  • Continue to raise the kettlebell just nearly above the head and facing forward
  • Follow the same path for the next swing (Repeat a set of 5 swings).

*Keep your arms straight all the time

2.The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat kettlebell exercise

This total-body, juggernaut workout improves agility and strengthens and conditions each leg muscle to the maximum.

  • Hold a kettlebell with both hands under the chin
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Bend at the knees and squat down
  • Pulse up and down (without resting on the ground) five times to complete one set

3.The Strict Press

the Strict Press kettlebell exercise


This compound movement exercise develops upper body strength and enhances midline stability.

  • Stand straight and position a kettlebell in front of chest just outside the arm
  • Press the bell upward by extending the arm. Keep the other arm parallel to the floor.
  • Again, lower to front of chest and reposition to the other arm and repeat


Halo kettlebell exercise

This kettlebell exercise is meant for advanced exercisers and targets latissimus dorsi, shoulders, and triceps. It is essential to perform some warm-up before you begin this exercise and execute it with caution and proper form.

  • Get into the squat position to pick up the kettlebell
  • Raise it to the chest level (hold kettlebell upside down)
  • While slowing getting up to the standing position, move the kettlebell around your head in a clockwise direction.
  • Let the weight barely clear (encircling) your head
  • Repeat for 8-10 reps and then in the counterclockwise direction.

A Kettlebell is one of the best home workout equipment that also help overcome lower back pain, improve balance and posture, and strengthen hamstrings, glutes, core, and abs.

The shape of the kettlebell is such that you can push, pull, or swing it to unlock a new set of exercises. However, as with any technical lifts or moves, it is essential that you use this fitness accessory properly and master the basics perfectly to achieve the best results.