4 Benefits of Using an Exercise Stepper : Take Your Cardio to the Next Level!

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Have you come across a type of workout known as step aerobics? If not, it’s time you look into it and the benefits it has to offer. Stepping up and down in different ways might not seem too beneficial to your health, but as you read ahead, you will soon realize, that is not the case. The benefits are quite diverse, but first, let us understand what is step aerobics.

What is Step Aerobics?
While performing step aerobics, you are stepping up and down on a stationary block such as an exercise stepper. This high-intensity workout combines weight training with cardio to provide a powerful workout that can provide a host of benefits.

Benefit #1: Cardiovascular Health
The number one benefit of step aerobics is that it helps improve cardiovascular health. Many studies have proven that even 1 hour of step aerobics is equivalent to running almost 11kms. Step aerobics is an excellent way to get your heart and lungs to work at an increased rate, thereby improving blood circulation in the heart and other vital organs.

Benefit #2: Musculoskeletal Health
The next benefit that step aerobics has to offer is that it can increase musculoskeletal health. By performing step aerobics, you are stepping up and down at a fast rate. This helps your bones to generate more mass. Your musculoskeletal health can improve the strength and density of your bones. This can inturn. Improve bone health and ward off future health problems.

Benefit #3: Step Aerobics Is Low Impact
Step aerobics is a low-impact exercise and is perfect for those who have knee and joint issues. Low impact workouts can be defined by those that ensure 1 foot is always kept on the ground, thereby lowering impact on your joints and reducing stress on your knees.

Benefit #4: Weight Loss
One of the best benefits of step aerobics is that it can quickly help you lose weight. It is a form of weight-bearing and cardio exercise, that is ideal for breaking a sweat and burning calories.

It has been noted that 45 mins of step aerobics can burn almost 450 calories. However, the number of calories burned depends on the intensity of your workout. But even a simple routine can help you burn several hundred calories.

As you can see, step aerobics offers great benefits and with an exercise stepper, everyone can reap its advantages. Experts or beginners, young or old, men or women, literally anyone can engage with an exercise stepper.

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